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This informative and inspirational 50-minute documentary, coupled with the film's Educational Study Guide, provides an ideal training opportunity for your board of directors, senior management, students, and staff.

“I loved it! So uplifting! Truly inspiring!” ~Suzanne McCormick, US President, United Way Worldwide

Because of Sam will Benefit Your Organization By...
Fostering Understanding 
and Acceptance...
Providing Resources 
and Support...
Inspiring You to Have Courage 
and Dream Big…
Fostering Understanding 
and Acceptance...
Often times people overlook the 
“A-bilities” of people who have intellectual developmental disabilities, such as Down syndrome. By watching Because of Sam, people get to know the inspirational, Tampa native, PDQ employee, and Gaither High School Homecoming King, Sam Piazza. They will learn that people should not be defined by their disabilities, and will in turn become more accepting of others.
Providing Resources 
and Support...
Because of Sam highlights the services and supports that help Sam Piazza
maximize his potential

Viewers will hear directly from Sam’s loving family members who share how each of them reacted to having a son and brother with Down syndrome... 

and how they have encouraged Sam throughout his life.
Inspiring You to Have Courage 
and Dream Big...
Because of Sam will inspire the viewer to dream big! Sam Piazza is an inspirational, courageous young man, who happens to have Down syndrome. Sam doesn’t let his disability define him and he encourages everyone to pursue their goals. 

Sam says, 
“If you have passion, 
you can do great things.”
Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below or call (813) 610-3132 with any questions.

Bring the Movie Because of Sam to Your Organization to Teach Inclusion, Diversity, and Empathy...

The Lessons Throughout Because of Sam Foster a Culture of Understanding About People with Disabilities and Promotes Team Unity.
Because of Sam DVD and Educational License
The Virtual Streaming or DVD Movie License Includes an Educational Study Guide.

“Be prepared to be wowed... because it's something very special and something much needed, especially in the world today.”
~ WWE Superstar Titus O'Neil

Because of Sam star, Sam Piazza and  WWE Superstar Titus O'Neil from the movie.
Because of Sam star, Sam Piazza and 
WWE Superstar Titus O'Neil from the movie.
Because of Sam 4-Minute Trailer
Please watch the 4-minute Because of Sam movie trailer to understand the impact of this training program.
"Sam's Always Been an Inspiration for Us"
Suzanne & Peter Sylvestre
“...and this movie was fantastic in illustrating to us as parents with a child with Down syndrome or any disability for that matter, of what could be.

So we're very hopeful for the future.”

Questions You May Have About Because of Sam Organizational Licenses

How do I obtain an Organizational License?

1) Please complete the application
2) You will be contacted and a license agreement will be executed
3) An invoice will be sent to you. 
4) Payment arrangements will be made.

In what format does the Organizational License come?

The limited use movie's license is available as a Virtual Screening or DVD format.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards, checks, or PayPal. Checks should be made payable to: Because of Sam The Movie, LLC.

How much does a limited use Organizational License cost?

The Because of Sam DVD license fee which includes the Educational Study Guide for a single location is: $497 for a non-profit organization and $997 + tax for a for-profit organization. Please contact Producer Renee Warmack if you would like to learn about custom pricing for multiple locations or virtual streaming events.

Is an Organizational, Enterprise-wide License available?

Yes, custom pricing can be accommodated for advanced licensing.

May I sell tickets to a screening, show the movie publicly, or use the movie as a fundraiser?

These activities are not permitted unless expressly outlined in the fully executed Organizational License agreement

May I share or stream the movie on social media?


Can I download the movie?

No, the movie is copyrighted and cannot be downloaded.

Can I share this movie with my school, company, church, organization, or other entity?

Yes, but ONLY through applying for and obtaining an Organizational License.

How long is the movie?

Because of Sam is a 50 minute documentary film, which includes exciting movie credits. So, be sure to watch until the very end.

How do I obtain the Because of Sam Educational Study Guide?

The Educational Study Guide will be emailed to you and you may copy it for your participants.

How do I watch the movie?

You'll be given a secure link and password to watch the Virtual Screening that will stream to your organization or you'll be provided a DVD to play there..

Who may I contact if I still have questions after reviewing these FAQs?

Contact information can be found by clicking here.

How can I make a voluntary financial contribution to support the movie?

Please consider making a voluntary, online contribution to support Because of Sam’s marketing, distribution, and production costs; and to include adding subtitles to reach families in different languages. Because of Sam Producer, Renee Warmack, through Because of Sam the Movie, LLC, will donate a portion of the net movie proceeds to organizations that support people with Down syndrome. Click here to make a voluntary contribution by credit card, check, or PayPal.
"Because of Sam... Can Change Lives and Families Forever"
Kelley Parris, Executive Director, Children's Board of Hillsborough County, Tampa, Florida
“I applaud Renee and Sam for their determination to bring this story forward for the greater good. Because of Sam is not only a beautiful story but one that can change lives and families forever.”
Sam and Kelley Parris
"Well Done, Exceptional, Inspiring"
Ruth Piazza, Sam's Mom
“Well done, exceptional, inspiring. You did an amazing job. It turned out beautifully. From our hearts, thank you for telling our story.”
Sam and Ruth Piazza
"The Movie is Absolutely Incredible"
Craig Woodard, Sr., Executive Director and President, Down Syndrome Association of Tampa Bay
The movie is absolutely incredible. The documentary is just on point and I give it 5 stars. see the documentary prior to me actually meeting him really got me to know him a lot better. What a brilliant young man he is. He gives so much promise for children like my own. So pleased to see this documentary. It turned out fantastic.
Sam Piazza and Tyler Wilson
"I'm a Better Deputy... Because of Sam"
Deputy Tyler Wilson, 
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office
I'm a better Deputy and a better friend because of Sam. Sam shows you every day that there's something you can do even more than you're already doing, to make someone else's life a better day.”
"I'm a Better Deputy... Because of Sam"
Deputy Tyler Wilson, 
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office
I'm a better Deputy and a better friend because of Sam. Sam shows you every day that there's something you can do even more than you're already doing, to make someone else's life a better day.”
Sam Piazza and Tyler Wilson
"I Was Blown Away... It Was Endearing..."
Victoria Michael
Victoria discusses how she was “...blown away by Renee Warmack's work (producing the film). (The Movie) was endearing. It was humbling... there were quite a few moments through the movie where I felt emotional just because, (I) just saw the beauty of this family, what they've endured and been through. And this story of resilience and redemption is incredible. I'm a mother, and I try to teach my children about inclusion and why it's so important, and this movie really hones in on why. It was beautifully done
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DVD Movie License and Educational Study Guide
Sam Piazza and Renee Warmack
Because of Sam Star, Sam Piazza and Filmmaker, Renee Warmack, MPA 
During a “Roadshow” Presentation